Message from SVSU’s president

Don Bachand
SVSU President Don Bachand

A meditation on the business of legacies

College and university campuses across the country contain facilities named for individuals who have made a lasting impression on the campus community through service or philanthropy. At SVSU, we are proud to honor service and philanthropy in this way, because we know that such generosity defines our institution.

The Wickes, Dow, Doan, Arbury and Curtiss families make up an impressive list of people who have guided our institution through its most formative years. We continue to grow and reach new milestones, and while times change, one thing remains constant: SVSU is a community asset because of the stewardship from people in this region.

With the expansion of our College of Business & Management, the Carmona family name will join the list of those who continue to impact the course of SVSU’s future. They have been devoted supporters of our university for many years and recently pledged the lead gift for the fundraising campaign to support construction of a 38,500-square-foot addition for our business school, which is now named the Scott L. Carmona College of Business & Management.

Carmona and his family join a list of distinguished faculty, staff, donors, community leaders and institutional champions whose names are permanently connected to our university by way of the physical spaces and academic colleges named in their honor. These men and women showed themselves to be supportive and selfless advocates for students, resilient in achieving goals in the face of adversity, and inspiring and enthusiastic in equipping students for their lives and careers.

What makes the addition of the Carmona name to this legacy especially significant is that Scott is an SVSU alumnus, making him both a product and supporter of our institutional influence. Scott’s legacy at the university dates back to his time as a student in the 1970s, extends to his role as a successful business leader in our region, and includes his work in campus leadership roles, including service on the SVSU Board of Control.

Scott’s entrepreneurial acumen, philanthropic vigor and tireless work ethic are a shining example for our students. His family has demonstrated great determination and creative thinking to build successful businesses. Their story resonates with so many of our students who are driven to complete their degrees, even as they juggle work and family demands themselves. I hope our students find inspiration in the Carmona family’s story, and I hope alumni take pride in this gift coming from one of our own.

I will forever be grateful for the philanthropy of the Carmona family and so many others who have had faith in our university and have invested in its growth over the years. SVSU’s founding 55 years ago was made possible by individuals like Carmona, whose foresight and financial commitment create opportunity for others in the region. Now, we are laying the foundation for future generations of Cardinals to build successful business careers, thanks to the continual votes of confidence we receive from individuals whose names we should always remember.