Message from SVSU’s president

Don Bachand
SVSU President Don Bachand

SVSU: A ‘Secret’ No More

For over 55 years, insiders and those close to SVSU have been well aware of the quality of our faculty and the range of programs offered. We know that what we have to offer here is special. Those who have visited SVSU are impressed with the beautiful campus and state-of-the-art facilities. Students enjoy living in our dorms, which are ranked among the very best in higher education. But what sets SVSU apart — what draws others to this place — are the people, the student-centered faculty and staff.

SVSU employs wonderful people who care about their work and each other. They also care deeply about the success of our students.

I am proud to share this issue of REFLECTIONS with you because in it are the stories of the people who make this university such a special place. A place where our students receive opportunity and support to grow beyond anything they could find elsewhere.

During this past year, our students have engaged in important and impactful research with their faculty mentors. Physically challenged children have been given a chance at mobility. Accessibility to quality healthcare has improved in underserved areas. Our athletes have shattered records and achieved All-American status. Students have acted as leaders in philanthropy, serving organizations and communities in need through fundraising and volunteerism. In short, our students have changed the landscape of their communities under the leadership of our talented faculty and staff.

These are tremendous points of pride for this university, and we want to ensure that everyone can share in this pride. Four years ago, our staff, faculty and Board of Control embarked on an aggressive campaign to enhance the overall awareness of our university, and we have seen significant gain in perception and awareness. This is in large part due to our marketing campaign and to the efforts of our Admissions staff and others on campus. However, I believe our commitment to service and our willingness to provide a broad range of learning experiences for our students continue to draw the attention of prospective students from our region and beyond.

We are not a secret anymore! Students are seeking out our programs and the unique learning environment we provide. Employers are seeking out our graduates because they are well trained, hard-working and civically engaged. Community agencies and businesses view us as an important and desirable regional partner.

I commend my colleagues, our community supporters and YOU, our 47,000 alumni, for all you have done to advocate for OUR institution, Saginaw Valley State University.