Message from SVSU’s president

Don Bachand
SVSU President Don Bachand

How taking the Cardinal pledge benefits others

At Saginaw Valley State University, we are invested in our students’ success, and we are committed to maintaining a supportive environment that allows them to excel. I am proud of the fact that we have — for decades — worked hard to remain affordable without sacrificing quality, but as we look to the future, we have taken action to provide more financial assistance to students and families.

State and federal resources for higher education have dwindled, placing a greater financial burden on families, especially those in the middle class. If you graduated from SVSU in the 1970s or 1980s, state funding covered 70 percent or more of the cost of your education; today, state funding provides about 22 percent. While we lament this disinvestment and work to restore public funding for public universities, we see the real challenges our students face. I admire their remarkable determination, and all of us should feel inspired to match their resolve. That is why we have made a major investment in our scholarships and financial aid to increase them to their highest levels ever.

We have not done this alone. In addition to increasing the financial support SVSU will provide, we have worked with private donors, alumni and community partners to expand our diverse scholarship and financial aid offerings. Many of our students qualify for one or more of these programs. Through a combination of merit and private scholarships, and opportunity grants — which include many middle class families — nearly all students will find that an SVSU education is within their reach financially.
Our future as a university depends on the success of our students and alumni, and many graduates who arrived here from modest means have achieved incredible professional success. We embrace our opportunity to continue to provide such opportunities for bright, deserving students.

In closing, I ask one favor of you: Share this information with friends and family who are or soon will be going through the college search process. Together, we can show them the extraordinary value of an SVSU degree.

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