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Son of Saginaw

Judge Manvel Trice III wields a gavel for justice in his hometown. But his community ambitions reach beyond issues of law and order.

An Aura of hope

Injured by a mortar explosion in Afghanistan, 27-year Army vet Gretchen Evans returned home looking for a new mission. She found it with the help of (wo)man’s best friend.

Forward momentum

Brian Thomas’ world came to a halt the day his wife died. Using the love of his sons and the strength of his legs, he found a way to move forward again.

Forever young

After 33 years and a lot of love, Merry Jo Brandimore’s career in shaping student life at SVSU came to a close.

Rose Butterfly

Disease wrecked her childhood and tragedy nearly ended her life as an adult, but for Jaeleen Davis, adversity is a cue to spread her wings.

Swan song

After a 34-year career in music at SVSU, Bill Wollner is preparing to play one last, perfect note.