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After a devastating knee injury, Emily Wendling could have abandoned her college basketball career. Instead, she aimed for SVSU’s record books.

Robotics reign in Kingston

Quiet, rural landscapes surround Kingston High School. Inside its classrooms, though, Matt Ferguson is pushing the boundaries of science, technology and artificial intelligence.

The Lewis legacy

More than two decades after his death, Napoleon Lewis Sr. remains a beloved figure for a campus community that considered him a father figure.

Son of Saginaw

Judge Manvel Trice III wields a gavel for justice in his hometown. But his community ambitions reach beyond issues of law and order.

An Aura of hope

Injured by a mortar explosion in Afghanistan, 27-year Army vet Gretchen Evans returned home looking for a new mission. She found it with the help of (wo)man’s best friend.

Forward momentum

Brian Thomas’ world came to a halt the day his wife died. Using the love of his sons and the strength of his legs, he found a way to move forward again.

Forever young

After 33 years and a lot of love, Merry Jo Brandimore’s career in shaping student life at SVSU came to a close.

Rose Butterfly

Disease wrecked her childhood and tragedy nearly ended her life as an adult, but for Jaeleen Davis, adversity is a cue to spread her wings.

Swan song

After a 34-year career in music at SVSU, Bill Wollner is preparing to play one last, perfect note.